Customs Clearance and Delivery

Many a time due to lack of efficient or careless custom practices, consignments are seized on air or sea ports, which is never good news for both importer and exporter. Custom practices have to be well organised in order to avoid waste of time and additional costs that maybe levied by all partis involved.

Our dedicated local Customs clearance team, ensures that our door-to-door promise runs smoothly whether the consignment is required for final use, temporary import/export or in-transit. We also offer bonded warehousing and local storage facilities.

Local pick-ups and deliveries of shipments are performed with small trucks or directly on trailers depending on customer requirements.

Drivers play an important role and must be able to deal with a wide range of customers while on the job. This is why at FR8 we carefully select our delivery personnel to ensure good communication and organisational skills that help us keep track of the shipments we deliver and maintain proper paperwork for every single consignment.

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